Green screen 5250 terminal emulator

To get the 100% authentic IBM i experience you have to download a green screen terminal emulator.  Way back when, and even when I started, the only way to interface to an old school AS/400 were through a green screen terminal or a green screen emulator on your PC.  For more info here’s a link to the wiki IBM 5250 page.

Most IBM i professionals are familiar with IBM i Access client which has a terminal emulator and a bunch of other utilities.  However, as with most IBM software, this is not free but luckily there are free alternatives out there.  Here is a list that are compatible with Windows.

Paid alternatives include:

  • – Powerterm – 30 day free trial only

Currently, at home, I am using first one on the list which is written in java.  It’s simple to download and install.  Once done, set up your connection to your server.  Below are the settings to the pub400 free IBM i resource.

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