PUB400 – free IBM i computing

Most people usually come across the IBM i through work.  In the “real” work it’s pretty hard to get access to one unless you know what you’re looking for.  You can usually find the odd iSeries on eBay for under a grand, but it’s unlikely to be running the latest OS release.

So where do we get the next generation of programmers and tech savvy kids interested? One answer is to provide free access to this platform and one of the very few places you can do this is at

This resource is kindly provided by a German IBM i hosting company.  Once you’ve signed up you get 3 libraries (the native OS file system directory) and an IFS directory (akin to the directory tree file system most people are used to) to play with. The security settings are a little limiting so you cannot restore any save files for example (think zip files on your PC) but you get FTP access and there are various links off to free resources that you can download to facilitate your coding. More on those free resources later.

To get started, you sign up through a simple form, where you will get your user id and password via email. Before you download anything more there is a simple and easy way to access your account and that is through your PC’s humble command prompt.

Type telnet and login with your details:

Next time we’ll look at a few free terminal emulators that can upgrade your  terminal experience.

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